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Aelo.AI is an AI-powered web app designed for real estate agents to help their clients visualize and redesign their homes in unique and creative ways. Using Artificial Intelligence, Aelo.AI is capable of generating new design ideas every few seconds. This provides an endless variety of spaces, lifestyles, and more for clients to explore. For professional purposes, Aelo.AI makes the entire design process easier, faster, and cheaper. With this powerful tool, real estate agents can access an unlimited number of decorations and redesign ideas right from their fingertips for their clients.

Aelo.AI is Saas based and is accessible on all devices, including PCs, laptops, iOS, MacOS, and Android. No installation is needed - you can just open your web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), and immediately have access to unlimited visualization and redesign options.

Using Aelo.AI is simple and straightforward! Just select an image to upload, select your desired lifestyle design, your room type, and hit the generate the button and you will get an unlimited number of fresh ideas in less than 30 seconds. Behind the scenes, Aelo.AI is utilizing machine learning algorithms and referencing a large database of design patterns and architectural blueprints - but don't worry, the hard part is already done for you! So don't hesitate - get inspired by Aelo.AI today.

Aelo.AI is created with real estate agents in mind, whether they have expertise in design or architecture or have none at all. This supports their client's wanting to construct, needing new or quicker designs, looking for decorating ideas, and even landscaping. On top of that, real estate agents and agencies are even able to use the software to boost their listings, make selling homes easier, and provide AI interior and exterior suggestions. The user-friendly interface combined with the advanced AI technology makes Aelo.AI easily relatable.

Aelo.AI offers a great way to visualize empty spaces without any physical changes. upload a photo of an empty room or existing space, and then use the Aelo.AI to play around with furniture arrangements, color schemes, and decor choices to arrive at the desired look. Aelo.AI taps the imagination by providing visualization of endless possibilities to design a space. Whether planning to put the property up for sale or just looking for a way to refresh living spaces to rent out. Aelo.AI is an invaluable tool for real estate professionals.

Aelo.AI supports the transformation of exterior spaces. Available design options to craft an exceptionally unique and captivating garden, patio, or backyard. Aelo.AI will soon support retraining the architectural structure of the home focusing on the transformation to outside elements. Stay tuned.

Your real estate enterprise subscription comes with a monthly allotment of transformation credits. Here's what you can do with each credit:

  • Generate 4 unique visualizations for the interior or exterior space type you pick. For example, 4 different kitchen redesigns.

  • Use 1 credit to digitally furnish an empty room.

At the start of each billing cycle, your account will renew with a fresh set of credits to use that month.

Yes, sure you can! When you have used up your credits, Aelo.AI will prompt you if you want to add more credits. You can opt for additional credit depending on your monthly subscription. The starter plan adds 15 transformation credits, 100 transformation credits on the Base plan, or 1,000 transformation credits on Pro plan. Or you can wait until your credit refreshes. Please note that when you opt for additional credits during the month the following month will default back to the original transformation credit count, making sure you are not charged for the additional credit you opted for the previous month.

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